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NOV 10

NOV 16
Whip’n Kitten Duo

NOV 17
Wild AU Music


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NOV 30
INK Band

Jack WD


Jimmy Lee Music

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DEC 29

The DeSilvas


Artist Info:

Songbird (Nov 9): Songbird is a 23 year old singer/songwriter who has loved music since she could remember. She was always singing, especially when her dad would play his guitar. Miley Cyrus was a huge inspiration in her younger years. Cyrus inspired Songbird into realizing what she wanted to do with her life, perform. At the age of 7 she took classical piano lessons along with vocal lessons. This is when she started playing and singing together and performing it in recitals. In her younger teen years she was in many different bands and competed in competitions. Eventually at the age of 15 she wrote her first song about her long time boyfriend. This is the moment she realized, this is what she was born to do. Songbird then attended college a few years later, but felt so lost. Nothing she was doing felt right so she would go into a practice room and work on her own music. She felt this was the only way to really show how she was feeling. Then came along an opportunity she has waited for her whole life. The one she worked so hard for.

Whip'n Kitten (Nov 16): Christy Lee Smith-Fabio is a local musician, vocalist, keys, acoustic guitar, percussion performer. Find her on YouTube @Rockitten1.

Wild AU (Nov 17): Wildau is the up and coming project of indie folk/coastal pop artist Chase Rojas-Cope. Whether it's busking part time, gigging at coffee shops, or recording in his bedroom studio on the East Coast, his music continues to take many forms in his life. Releasing with no boundaries, from easy-listening ambient stories to upbeat coastal acoustics, Chase accesses numerous styles of writing that reflect his multiple singer/songwriter inspirations as well as his attraction to the natural world. Find him on Instagram at wildaumusic or on Spotify at

INK Band (Nov 30): This band of local high school students is sure to get you moving!

Jack WD (Dec 1): I am "Jack WD" as my stage name, but often at times I am also called "TheWrestlingDrummer." My reason for my name to be "Jack WD" is because Jack is my real life first name and WD means "Wrestling Drummer", which are the two things that I was known for doing during my high school days. Saying the words "wrestling" or "drummer" to any Lakewood kid, I'm most likely the first name that would come to mind. Check out his range of music on his socials at or @thewrestlingdrummer

Jimmy Lee (Dec 8): Jimmy Lee, is an acoustic country cover artist singer and songwriter based in NJ/ New York State and City / Nashville TN. His original birth name is James, but on stage goes under the name Jimmy Lee in memory of his father (Jimmy Lee Beckham). Originally born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, he has started his love of country music since he was a young boy. He has had the most amazing experiences in his life playing the music he loves while making a living. His most notable performances were in Nashville TN at the Blue Bird Cafe where his original music made its Nashville debut. To getting to perform for the Honky Tonk school at the world famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Downtown Nashville. In addition to gigging regularly in NJ. He has a monthly residency at Joanne Trattoria in NYC. and at Firewaters Saloon located at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. Find him on the web at or on Spotify

The DeSilvas (Jan 6, 2024): Local TR natives, The DeSilvas play rock 'n roll from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Follow them on social media @thedesilvasofficial.

Pop Up Shops





Lotar - Wooden Toys 8-5
Fused Connection 9-1

Emily Kurc - Local Introvert 9-1
Lotar Wooden Toys 8-2


NOV 11
Silvi Boards 9-12
Mystic Moon 9-12

NOV 12
Butter Me Up - 9-12
Maui Sweets & Treats 9-1


NOV 18
Linked Local 10-2
Crazy Baker 9-1

NOV 19
Elizabeth Grace Wellness 9-12
Elaina Parsons 9-12

NOV 24
Down to Mars Girl 9-1

Handcrafted by Melissa 9-1


NOV 25
Peace Love n Soap 9:30-1:30
Simply Sea Glass & Shells 9-12

NOV 26
Mauve Shop - Fashion/Accessoires 9-1
The Creative Path Gallery 9-1


Mine Always Permanent Jewelry 9 - 1
Peace Love n Soap 9:30-1:30

Emily Kurc - Local Introvert 9-1
Sun Baked CBD 9-1


PopStars Popcorn 10-1
Fused Connection 9-1

DEC 10
PopStars Popcorn 10-1
Crazy Baker 9-1


DEC 16
Tom - Tommy's Treasures
Cathy - Unique Creations by CCC

DEC 17
Sherie Manna 9-1
NW Custom - Custom Cups 9-1


DEC 23
Jersey Mermaid 9-1
The Spoon and Bowl

DEC 24


DEC 30

DEC 31




Vendor Info:

Lotar (Nov 4 and Nov 5): Hand crafted wooden toys, trucks and flgures. All products are unflnished making for a perfect family crafting project.

Fused Connection (Nov 4 and Dec 9): You Choose, We Fuse! We are a permanent jewelry brand that offers custom, hand-welded, claspless jewelry. Choose your chain - We have a variety of 14K gold fllled and sterling silver options available. Decide the flt & place - Choose if you want a new custom bracelet, necklace, ring or anklet. Chains are sized to YOU! Once sized, we weld your clasp-less jewelry so you stay connected to your new favorite accessory! Follow on social media @fused_connection

Emily Kurc - "Local Introvert" (Nov 5 and Dec 3): My name is Emily Kurc and I am a published poet and artist from Brick, NJ. I am also the owner and founder of my small business, Local Introvert, which is an online shop where I share my poetry and art in different forms. I sell a variety of products such as stickers, prints, pins, apparel, decor, but I am most known for my seed paper poetry (yes, you can actually plant it!) Follow on social media @localintrovertwrites or visit her website

Mystic Moon Shops (Nov 11): Welcome to Mystic Moon, your one-stop shop for all things mystical and magical. We are passionate about crystals, candles, and jewelry, and we strive to bring you the highest quality products to enhance your spiritual journey. Whether you're looking for healing crystals, enchanting candles, or unique jewelry pieces, we have something for everyone. Our mission is to provide you with the tools and resources you need to connect with your inner self and embrace the power of the universe. Explore our collection and let the magic of Mystic Moon guide you on your path to enlightenment.

Silvi Boards Sweets & Treats (Nov 11): Specializing in uniquely crafted charcuterie boards, boxes and tables. All items are presented in the most aesthetically pleasing way and no two boards are ever the same. Whether you are looking to elevate your next event, treat your friends, or simply enjoy a small gathering with some edible art - Silvi Boards has everything you need. @SilviBoardsSweets&Treats

Butter Me Up (Nov 12): A family owned business that thrives on the smiles of their customers. Butter Me Up has over 30+ flavored butters, including delicious vegan options. Pair the butter with our scones, and it will be an incredible combo! Follow on social media Facebook: buttermeupgourmetflavoredbutter Instagram:
ButterMeUpNJ On the web at

Maui Sweets and Treats (Nov 12): I make and sell homemade chocolates, chocolate covered treats, some baked goods and chocolate gifts (boxes and/or baskets). Pictures of what I sell can be found on either of my social media accounts @mauisweetsandtreats .

Linked Local (Nov 18): Our team is committed to providing an unforgettable experiences with our permanent bracelets and memories to last a lifetime. From bridal showers and weddings to bachelorette parties and girls' night out, permanent jewelry is perfect way to create a lasting bond with your loved ones. Whether it's to commemorate a special occasion or simply as a
gesture of love and appreciation, our permanent jewelry is the perfect way to create a lasting bond with the special people in your life.

The Crazy Baker Cafe (Nov 18 and Dec 10):

Elizabeth Grace Wellness (Nov 19): Family-owned small business supporting communities looking for homemade organic products. Whether you are looking for anything elderberry, sugar scrubs for smoothing, or invigorating essential oil wax melts, we've got your covered! All of this while enjoying our organic homemade tea blends at the end of a long day. Made with love from our family to

Elaina Parsons (Nov 19):

Down To Mars Girl (Nov 24): Handmade jewelry, ornaments, and keychains made from air dry clay, handpainted canvas bags + artwork.

Handcrafted By Melissa (Nov 24): Handmade unique home decor, resin art, florals, jewelry, trinket dishes, and more.

Peace, Love n Soap (Nov 25 and Dec 2): Specialty Soaps made detergent free with essential oils and fragrances. Seasonal soaps, bouquets and gift sets. Follow on social media at PeaceLovenSoap

Simply Sea Glass and Shells (Nov 25): Turning my love of Seaglass & Shell collecting at the Jersey shore into art! The beach is my happy place and walking the shore line is my therapy! I hope you find a little happiness and hope in the inspirational message on each piece! Follow on FB at simplyseaglassandshells or IG at simplyseaglass.shells. Also on Etsy at

The Mauve Shoppe (Nov 26): Mauve Shoppe's owner, Samantha Hernandez strives to curate a clothing collection that celebrates every woman's uniqueness and individual beauty. What started as a local pop-up sales and online boutique has grown to a thriving online store and an amazing brick and mortar location in Toms River, NJ. "Our Brand mission is to empower, inspire, and make every woman feel beautiful in our clothing. We believe that beauty is not deflned by conventional standards, but rather that each individual is unique and special in their own way. We are committed to making sure that every woman feels beautiful and confldent. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME." Follow her @shoppemauve.

The Creative Path Gallery (Nov 26): Melissa Farrell, owner, clinician and artist. As a Clinical Social Worker and artist, my creative practice serves as a deeply personal and transformative outlet for me. Through my art, I explore the intersection of emotions, relationships and the human experience. Inspired by my work in social work, I use artistic expression as a means to delve into the complexities of mental health, social justice, and personal growth. Each brush stroke and artistic composition becomes a visual representation of the stories I encounter in my clinical practice, shedding light on the the profound resilience and struggles of individuals. Through my art, I aim to foster empathy, challenge social norms, and inspire conversations that promote healing, empowerment, and social change.

Mine Always (Dec 2): Mine Always - a permanent jewelry shop. Yep that's right, permanent jewelry. We said "so long" to a clasp and "hello" to a beautifully customized forever piece of jewelry.

Sun Baked (Dec 3): We carry CBD products along with clothing, Accessories And Home Decor. Follow on IG @sunbakedcbd or @sunbakedapparel.

Popstars Popcorn (Dec 9 and 10): We are a locally owned and operated gourmet popcorn shop in the Ocean County Mall. We offer a variety of flavors from your classic butter to caramel and custom flavors like pumpkin pie and s'mores. We do kids karaoke parties and custom orders for party favors as well.

Tommy's Treasures (Dec 16): Seasonal and Home Décor hand crafted and carved out of driftwood.

Unique Creations by Triple C (Dec 16): Seasonal & Home Décor. Unique Creations by Triple C will donate 20% of the proceeds to the Pancreatic Cancer Network, inspired by my late father and my dear friends who lost the battle to cancer. In addition, we will also be donating to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Thank you for supporting our small business and let's make your house feel like a home. Follow on social media FB at and IG @UniqueCreationsByTripleC

NW Customs (Dec 17): Customized cups and coasters.

Sherie Manna (Dec 17): Clay bead bracelets, earrings and rings
The Spoon and Bowl (Dec 23): Nobody does what The Spoon & Bowl does, serving the best soups, sauces, rubs, prepared meals & desserts. Our food inspirations are come from around the world. Food is made using high-quality fresh ingredients with no additives or preservatives. Featuring pesto breads, soups sauces, spice rubs , desserts and prepared foods. Check out their menu online at

Jersey Mermaid (Dec 23): The name was inspired by my love of the beach~ A lifelong Jersey Girl living at the Jersey Shore. I rescue Vintage Silverware and Reimagine it into unique creations. People have been creating spoon rings for years, I did not reinvent the wheel...I just put my own "spin" on it! I research each silverware pattern and try to provide the history that accompanies each piece. I want you to have a creation with a story to tell. Upcycling the old and making new designs to treasure for years. Follow on social media @jerseymermaidco